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Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

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New England Pet Partners Inc. is a non-profit organization, 501c.3, #17597 that trains, evaluates and supports Registered Pet Assisted Therapy and Read with Me Teams. While most of our partners are dogs, we joyfully partner up with cats and occasionally horses. Go to Find a Team. These teams have passed team evaluations at NEPP. Bravo and thank you.

NEPP is a Community Pet Partner (#46489) of the Pet Partners® program. NEPP has it’s own unique mentoring program, by-laws, codes of ethics and board of directors. We enjoy a balanced focus, offering regional support, to the best of our ability, in the New England Area. Pet Partners Corporate is located in Bellevue, Washington, with over 12,000 registered pet partners.    

Teams who train and/or evaluate through NEPP are welcome to fill out the NEPP PP Web Info Form.

We will add you to our Find a Team or Find a Facility page. These pages are updated 2X a year.

Email with preferred changes or updates.    

Our goal is to help well trained and compassionate therapy teams. Our Facility/Team Connection Form helps match teams with facilities / clients / groups and locations - saving time and energy by offering (1) free posting in

NEPP Connects. We appreciate donations in any amount for future posting requests. Interest in sponsoring an event for NEPP, please visit our Sponsor Page.

Volunteer teams generously share their pets and time. We appreciate you. Many teams work in health care and education. Others are enjoying new challenges and opportunities, volunteering at events and mentoring potential therapy teams. All are making a difference in their own unique way. It is educationally enriching for those who visit, as well as, for those enjoying the benefits of Registered Pet Partner Teams.   

Professional healthcare teams work in collaboration to create an integrated treatment program with attending staff, family or individual. It is designed to promote a sense of well-being and to enhance healing, living and learning. Engaging as a visiting team offers the benefits of increased enhanced well-being and educations for those with transitional, emotional and physical challenges.  Learn more ...

We invite you to take a deep nose-to-navel breath - and journey through NEPP'S web site.

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New England Pet Partners, Inc. is dedicated to bringing people and pets together to enhance

well-being and education with pet assisted therapy. 

Raising awareness about the benefits of pets is a lifelong passion. We train teams to become registered Pet Partners and Read with Me Teams who will benefit and inspire confidence as volunteers in visiting programs.  

We provide individually created Pet Assisted Therapy programs, therapeutic intervention and resources to support the needs of health care professionals and organizations (fee-for-service).   

We believe that no-one who has loved or loves a pet should be left without their touch / presence.  

Pet Assisted Therapy is becoming widely accepted as an adjunct to treatment planning like sand, music, narrative and other modalities.

In collaboration with a empowering group of experienced volunteer teams, board of directors, advisors, committees and sponsors, NEPP offers:



Through a structured, yet flexible plan, we can assist in developing a program and provide training to safely integrate Pet Assisted Activities and/or Therapy, as an adjunct to existing treatment modalities.

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Maureen Ross, MA