Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

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NEPP follows a Community-Relationship Driven Business Model – Governing for What Matters. Our vision is bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy in the community. The Board’s work centers around raising awareness about the benefits of Pet Assisted Therapy and providing resources to train qualified visiting teams with Pet Partners. Our annual plan/forecast aims at program development for organizations (individuals) wanting to implement pet assisted therapy into activities and therapeutic interventions. To drive our visionary goals, NEPP guides the Board of Directors and registered teams with professionalism, intention, integrity and accountability. Our approach is to engage with, and generate, relationships, matching teams with facilities. We do not deploy teams. See Facility/Team Connection Form. As a non-profit, we need sponsors who value and support our cause.

If you are interested in a Board Director’s position with NEPP, contact Maureen Ross or Mary Blake.

To become a sponsor or learn more ...  

Kathleen DeLong, RN, LTE - Team Kody

Executive Director,Volunteer Training

Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, MA


978-957-0099 / 978-614-5954 C

Gary A. Ross, ME, LTE, LTI


Raytheon Company  Engineering Fellow


Mary Blake, PP

Assisted Living at Pine Hill and Beaver Lake Lodge

Board Secretary



Linda Browne, PP



Carina Walter, Naturally Maine Skincare

Shirley Holdman (Billerica, MA)

Karen Lachapelle (Lowell, MA)

Canine Massage, Reiki Master, Acupressure | Rub My Belly

Chris McNiff, LMHC  (Hampton Falls, NH)

Teams and Facilities listed with New England Pet Partners are supporters.

Board Advisors and Honorary Board Members have and continue to make contributions to NEPP, and offer helpful advise. They do not vote on motions for NEPP.

Board Advisors / Honorary Board Members Friends of NEPP

Friends of NEPP are the volunteer teams, organizations and generous donators who support our cause. Registered Pet Partner Teams who have passed Team Evaluations at NEPP and filled out NEPP’s Website Contact Form are listed at Find a Team. These teams receive a Community Pet Partner Discount when they register with Pet Partners. Thank You Teams.  

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Joan Whitebook, Chair

Masiello Group




NEPP’s Board of Directors and Wellness Officers

Diane Matte, Ph.D., Ed.D. - Team Danny and Smudge

Sweetpaws Art



Liz Harrington / NEPP Facebook Group Moderator

Harrington Consultants / Focusing Safety

California, MD



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NEPP By-Laws

Maureen Ross, MA, President, Team Journey / Quin

Author of Awareness Centered Training - ACT

Dog Talk and Daily Doga


603-635-3647  / 603-661-3647 c

Anne Gagnon - Team Bo - RIP Bo / 2019

People’s United Bank



Board of Directors

Angel Carley Team Mabel

Robert Rules Quick Ref.

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Friends of NEPP

Arlene Murphy - Team Wolfe  



Austin O’Brien, MD - Team Benton

Lahey Clinic, Lowell, MA