New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3

Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

Arnoldson, Hakan

Bellefeuille, Maureen

Birchard, Suzanne, William

Blais, Paula

Bowler-Blake, Mary

Browne, John and Linda

Burke, Kevin

Butcher, Sally

Cogliano, Donald, Maud

Cole, Linda

Dalsemer, Rhody

Dave Blake

DeLong, Kathleen

Drouin, Sue

Gagnon, Anne

Galla, David

Harrington, Liz

Holdman, Shirley

Hudson, Gata

Kewley, Glean

Marie McNamara

Matte, Diane

McNamara, Marie

Meeker, Carole

Muller, Pamela

O’Connell, Dorothy

Rhystrom, Lorin

Whitebook, Joan

Ross, Gary and Maureen

St Hilaire, Jeanne and Don

Whitebook, Joan

We are grateful for donations made out to New England Pet Partners, Inc. in any amount. Each donor receives a receipt/thank you. NEPP EIN # 20-8765241. If you need a W-99 form, contact

We attempt to list every donator’s name. If you don’t see yours, simply email Gary. The list is updated quarterly.