New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3

Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

The following facilities, schools, libraries  or health care professionals have registered pet partner teams and/or are in the process of setting up programs. They are listed for “free” when they have filled out a Facility/Team Request Form. We encourage facilities to register with Pet Partner’s Corporate. Be mindful that we do not deploy teams. We require advanced notice for sponsored visiting team events. Pet Therapy Programs require planning, implementing and supervision within each organization or private practice. Read on …

NEPP is a licensed Community Pet Partner #46489. We offer Licensed Team Evaluations several times a year (see Events). Many teams become registered in New England. NEPP Connects is a resource, helping to match teams with locations, populations and specific needs. When we receive inquiries for registered teams, the inquiry is listed (2) times in NEPP Connects. This enables facilities and teams to effectively meet and clarify needs and goals.


We request/appreciate donations in any amount   

Facilities or HCP’s may send their inquires to and fill out the Facility/Team Connection Form.

Registered Teams -- fill out the Registered Team Info Website Form including your Badge # for a listing under Find a Team.

Please call the facility/individual to schedule an appointment/interview before visiting. If there is not a name listed, ask to speak to an Activities or Volunteer Director. Enjoy the Journey and visit with pride and integrity!

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