Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

NEPP is paying it forward to show our appreciation for those interested in becoming Registered Pet Partner Teams. We know it can be costly. We are here to help.

In memory of Brendon Browne, beloved son of John and Linda Browne, avid supporters of NEPP, we are offering (5) $100 Scholarships to (5) potential (new) Pet Partner Teams each year.


Please READ NEPP Team Scholarship Application and Eligibility Guidelines before sending in an application.

Applications will NOT be accepted on the day of Team Evaluations. We must receive the application 3-weeks prior to a scheduled Team Evaluation at NEPP. Team Evaluations must be taken and passed NEPP.  

Fill out the application and return to:

New England Pet Partners, Inc. | P.O. Box 234 | 24 Tenney Road |Pelham, NH 03076  or

Email to garyr@nepetpartners.org and lindab@nepetpartners.org. Gary & Linda are the Scholarship Fund Committee responsible for reviewing, accepting and contacting potential fund recipients.   

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Volunteer Opportunity Request Form

Visit EVENTS for dates of Team Evaluations

Please fill out the form below indicating that you would like to volunteer at a future New England Pet Partner event and/or team evaluation. Team Evaluator Assistant opportunities give you the chance to meet with experienced teams, participate, and observe team evaluations - all good!

Events, like health and school fairs give you the opportunity to engage, network, learn and make new connections.

To mentor / shadow a team visit, please contact the teams directly at Find a Team or Find a Facility if you are searching for visiting connections.

Note: Team Evaluator Volunteers need to read the

Pet Partner Volunteer Orientation Package.

Contact: Kath DeLong for more information.  

New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3 is a Community Pet Partner #46489. Teams who fill out NEPP’s Website Contact Form, including Badge #, are eligible for a free listing at NEPP’s Find a Team and a discount for registration at Pet Partners Corporate. Review your PP Registration Package.

Team Evaluation Dates are posted at Events.

We have (3) Team Evaluations per year.

NEPP has requests to “present” and “attend” many events. We choose as many as we can, particularly those that apply to our goal of bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy.

We do not deploy teams upon request. Visit Find a Team. Give these amazing teams an opportunity to participate by emailing or calling them directly.  

NEPP Team Scholarship Application Form and Guidelines

Sign up for NEPP Connects for regular updates / events.  


How To Become a Registered Pet Partner Team



New England Pet Partners Brendon Browne Scholarship Fund for 2020