Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

We welcome you to our online Newsletter that updates events and shares Special Pet Partner Moments. If you have a photo with a caption to share, please send to info@nepetpartners.org. We will do our best to recognize teams who are making a difference.

Photos are non-returnable. Send in JPEG or GIF format, no larger than 1200 pixels - in high resolution. These may be included in NEPP’s Facebook Page.   

Photo release forms with signatures are required. This is a digital signature form that you can fill out and return to info@nepetpartners.org or  Mail: P.O. Box 534, Pelham, NH 03076.

NEPP Connects is launched whenever we have completed Facility/Team Connection Forms from organizations and/or Individuals (i.e. Private Practice) looking for specific Registered Pet Partner Teams. You are required to contact the organization/individual directly. This helps to effectively match teams with specific goals, clients or groups.

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Get out there and VIDEO your work with your Pet Partners to share with others. Bravo!   Gratefully …




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