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Pet Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Activities (or AAA) are offer by Registered Volunteer Pet Partner Teams. These are generally free visits. Teams should meet with staff and visit the facility to discover the best approach for minimizing stress, especially for the pet. Our many years of experience have taught us to expect the unexpected. Planning in advance includes a site assessment with a knowledgeable staff person who has an agenda. Review elevators, flooring, tight spaces and cultures. Clarify expectations (individuals, groups, time, commitment and where). Know who is organizing/overseeing the visits and pet therapy program. This helps create positive and professional visiting experiences. Awareness and balanced focus helps keep you, your pet and those around you calm. It prevents accidents from happening. PP YAYABAS (you are your animal’s best advocate).   

Oftentimes, visiting teams are considered entertainment. Although dogs can be entertaining, it is not the primary goal. Like bingo, playing word games and singing, Pet Activities add joy and connection for those who like engaging with pets.

Intrinsically, as a professional volunteer team, knowing when someone does not enjoy visiting, or it is stressful for the pet, requires observational skill and experience. With insight, you learn when to pleasantly and calmly move on with kindness and empathy.  


Animal Assisted Therapy (or AAT) is a goal directed intervention. Depending on the team and the facility / health care professional, it can be offered as a free visit or fee for service. HCP’s will provide their teams and contract for visiting. Most HCP’s cover their own insurance and charge a fee for committed therapy visits, consultations or setting up Pet Therapy Programs. Define this prior to your visit.     

Although both Activities and Therapy offer joy, connection and healing, pet assisted therapy, as an intervention and adjunct, is designed for specific treatment planning and goals. Documentation and progress is required. The therapy team and staff must clarify contact, payment, hours, and most importantly, intention for treatment planning for the client.  


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As a board certified counselor, animal behavior consultant, professional dog trainer, with years of pet assisted therapy experience (counseling, mediation, coaching, canine massage/acupressure, yoga) with children, families and older adults, I am testimony to the benefits of adding PAT as an adjunct to treatment goals. I enjoy being an active volunteer and offer pet assisted therapy development support, as a consultant.

If you have a client and/or group that you feel would benefit from pet assisted therapy or are considering setting up a pet assisted therapy program, contact me at maureenr@dogtalk.com.  

My fee is based on clarification of goals, travel and administrative expenses. If you intend to travel to me, my fee is $1.00 a minute / $50 an hour.

If your needs require me to travel for a site assessment, training, or to discuss treatment planning with a particular client, patient or group, please email or phone.    

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