Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

How to Become a Registered Pet Partner Team

New England Pet Partners is no longer offering the Pet Partners Team Handler’s Course.

We may in the future.

Pet Partner Team Handler Course Online - visit Pet Partners  

Note: Please read the above information and visit Pet Partners  before signing up for the Pet Partner Handler Course.

The PP Handler Course can be taken as an in-person workshop or on-line course through Pet Partners. Handlers learn how they can support their animal before, during, and after visits, and prepare for a team evaluation.

Engaging with a variety of staff, clients and visitors can be stressful. The course clarifies ways to help you and your animal partner de-stress, plan, organize, and interact with a variety of clients in various environments. Real life applications of the standards/best practices of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program are covered.

The workshop is a hands-on approach, encouraging participation, and recommended because of the connections with other handlers, role playing, and the benefit of asking questions of the instructors and guest teams.

This course is for the handler only. Pets generally do not accompany the handler.