Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy


We Empathize!

The success of a pet assisted therapy program relies on a vision, passion and experience. NEPP trains and assists teams and facility staff to safely integrate pet assisted therapy, as an adjunct, with individuals and groups.

On-going support, resources and continuing educational enrichment are encouraged and provided when suitable. Being a therapist can be stressful for humans and pets. NEPP provides “a sanctuary” for the teams to process situations, attune, relax and share.

Programs provided by NEPP are:


Reading with Dogs

Provides opportunities for motivational, educational and/or recreational benefits to enhance a person’s well-being. Animal Assisted Activities are delivered in a variety of environments by registered, trained teams. The team has met the criteria as defined by the Pet Partner’s Program. The team delivers interactions that can enhance existing programs in hospitals, care/wellness/assisted living facilities, rehab, residential and other treatment locations.   

Animal Assisted Activities

Training and Registration

NEPP uses Awareness Centered Training (ACT) for owners and new puppies who choose to train here.

Our training programs help to build a solid foundation, desensitizing puppies and dogs to real and therapeutic world situations.  To learn more ...

Training and Registration at NEPP is through the Pet Partner’s Program or Reading Education Assistance Dogs.

Animal Assisted Therapy is a directed intervention using dogs (other species) as catalysts to meet specific goals. In collaboration with attending health care professionals, AAT is delivered by a specialist, who includes pets that meet specific criteria to participate in the treatment plan. The team has expertise and skill with regard to human-pet interactions and clinical applications.

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Animal Assisted Therapy

Dogs can help improve children's reading and communication skills by using an empowering approach: reading to a dog! Dogs are registered and volunteer with their owner/handlers, as a team, visiting schools and libraries. Today, thousands of registered teams work throughout the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and beyond. Bill Moyers shares, “R.E.A.D. Is one of those ideas that pierces the mundane to arrive at the marvelous.”

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