Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

For a National List of (over 12,000) Registered Pet Partner Teams visit the Pet Partners Program or call


Teams who have trained and/or evaluated with New England Pet Partners are asked to fill out a

Website Team Connection Form. This information is listed at our website for free. To the best of our knowledge teams listed at NEPP, under Find a Team, have updated information regarding their current registration.

Begin with integrity and respect:   

  1. Send an e-mail to the team or facility contact and/or call.
  2. Let them know what your interests / intentions are.
  3. Why are you contacting this team or facility (specific clients, groups, other)?
  4. Are you a Primary Health Care Professional with specific clients or looking for activity visits? See AAA/AAT.
  5. Are you a hospital or other facility (school, library, assisted living, rehab) looking for teams?  What are the goals?
  6. Most importantly, make a positive connection, clarifying what your goals are (team or facility).
  7. Teaming with pets in therapeutic environments must be enjoyable and teams be allowed to relax when needed.

Find a Team

Find a Team

Find a Facility

Find a Facility

New England Pet Partners Inc. 501c.3 is a Community Pet Partner #46489. Please visit Pet Partners for complete information on how to become a Registered Pet Partner Team.

NEPP Connects (e-newsletter) gives teams who have passed team evaluations at NEPP an opportunity to list information to assist in facilities and teams to connect.   

Facilities, schools, libraries, hospitals, private practitioners who are looking for a Registered Pet Partner Team are listed in NEPP Connects and NEPP’s website.

Fill out the Facility / Team Connection Form and return to info@nepetpartners.org.

Mail to New England Pet Partners, Inc., P.O. Box 534, Pelham, NH 03076.  

NEPP does not charge a fee for this service. We appreciate donations (Donation Form) so that we can provide team training, support and resources, for teams and facilities, in the New England Region.


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