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Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

Training and Registration

Pet Assisted Therapy Foundational Training is integrated into group classes at Dog Talk Training and Wellness.

We invite you to visit Pet Partners Corporate and New England Pet Partners, Inc.501c.3. There are prerequisites for becoming a Registered Pet Partner Team.

We encourage you to choose trainers/coaches who are aware of the needs of becoming a successful pet therapy team. Awareness Centered Training - ACT is  our approach. Basic socialization and manners, gradual desensitization to sights, sounds and smells helps to grow happy, healthy and confident dogs, while integrating training, with the tools learned in class, into daily living and learning with our beloved dogs.   

The relationship with our dogs matters, especially in stressful situations. ACT is about balance, relationship, education enrichment, well-being -  teaching with kindness, understanding - and learning how dog’s communicate (body language).

If you need additional mentoring to increase confidence or practice before a team evaluation, call 603-635-3647 to set up a coaching session. I am a Licensed Team Evaluator but I do NOT evaluate teams I have trained. We have several qualified Licensed Evaluators - and 3 at each event. Plus, we have been helping to create qualified registered pet partner teams for over 15 years! Professionally, we want teams to be successful and believe in themselves.   

Pets considered for a therapy program must enjoy interactions with people and be manageable in stressful situations. Owners/handlers will be engaging with staff, patients, family members, parents, and oftentimes, disenchanted people who don’t get “why a pet is in the facility.” Learning to carefully defuse stressful situations is a skill that bodes well if you are interested in pet assisted therapy. Dogs rely on us to  guide them in situations where you may need to calm the chaos, redirect, or manage interactions. Then again, walking our dogs in public requires the same connection.

Becoming a Registered Pet Partner Team is a journey is about relationship and process, one that is well worth the effort, if your intention is to share your pet with others and enjoy your dog’s company for a lifetime.

Let’s de-mystify becoming a Pet Partner Team - given the present changes to online registering and renewing.

Feel free to call Pet Partners any time for help in clarifying how to register, set up your profile, and renew at

425-679-5500 - or email

When you are ready to become a team, and book a Team Evaluation with New England Pet Partners, journey below for a summary of steps. Please read:

Please read How to become a Registered Pet Partner

Refer to the Online Pet Partner’s Team Handler’s Course

Email or call 603-635-3647

For puppy / dog training class start dates journey to Dog Talk Events

Check NEPP’s Events Calendar and/or Pet Partners - for workshops and team evaluations through-out the USA.   

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Team Evaluations are updated regularly at Pet Partners.                                                                                                                           


Team Evaluations De-Mystified

Licensed Team Evaluators

To become a Registered Pet Partner Team you and your dog (pet) must:

If you choose to fax, scan or mail, we strongly suggest Priority Mail and let Pet Partner’s know.

Team Evaluations are scheduled nationally.

To find a regional location visit Pet Partners or

New England Pet Partners, Community Pet Partners #46489 (New Hampshire).

Visit Events at this website for our Registration Form and Event Dates.

New England Pet Partners offers Team Practicums by Licensed Team Instructors Gary and Maureen Ross.

For prerequisites, training and practicums to become a Licensed Team Evaluator or Instructor please visit

Pet Partners     

Email  for information about NEPP’s practicums.


How To Become a Registered Pet Partner Team