New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3

Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

New England Pet Partners is located in Pelham, NH. We are a Licensed Team Evaluation Facility and Community Pet Partner #46489. We have conducted 100’s of Team Evaluations throughout the years from the following states: Massachusetts / New Hampshire / Maine / Vermont / Connecticut / Rhode Island. We are proud that teams have driven from PA, NY, to name a few, for Team Evaluations with us. We offer (3) team evaluations per year, and occasional “renewal” days for experienced teams. See Events.  

We encourage facilities to register with Pet Partner’s Corporate.

Call Pet Partners at 425.679.5500 and leave a message with your request.

Be mindful that Community Pet Partner Teams require advanced notice for team events and visits. Pet therapy programs, events and team visits, require planning, implementing, and supervision for safety, efficacy and effectiveness.  

NEPP Connects is our e-newsletter. It’s easy to join. We help match teams with locations, populations and specific needs within reason. When we receive inquiries for registered teams, we can add you request to NEPP Connects if you have joined!

We do not deploy teams! It would not be safe! Plus, we do not have the staff, time or financing as Community Pet Partner’s volunteers!  

We appreciate donations in any amount to foster our Scholarship Program

And contribute to the costs of our facility, a 2400 square foot sanctuary.     

Here are the helpful steps for finding a team or facility to visit.

  1. Join NEPP Connects E-News   We will considering posting in NEPP Connects
  2. Sign up at NEPP’s Facebook Group Forum Page and post your request
  3. Check with Pet Partners Headquarters  425.678.5500

Please call the facility/individual to schedule an appointment/interview before visiting. Ask to speak to an Activities or Volunteer Director. 

Enjoy the Journey! Happy visiting with pride and integrity!

Team Forrest! Thank Tina Buckley - Maine!