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Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

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Awareness Centered Training -  ACT, Maureen Ross, MA , Balboa, a division of Hay House, 2012, available now at all major booksellers in e-book and soft and hard cover.

Children, Dogs and Education, Springer International, 2018, collaboration spearheaded by Dr. Mary Jalongo.

Daily Doga Inspirations

Train Your Dog, Change Your Life, Maureen Ross, MA – E-Kindle

Dr. Ian Dunbar -  Dunbar Academy - James and Kenneth

Animals Make us Human, Temple Grandin

Energy Healing for Dogs, Nicole Wilde

The Power of the Wagging Tail, Dr. Dawn Marcus

A Dog to Remember, June Greig

Teaming with your Therapy Dog, Ann Howie, MSW

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New England Pet Partners is proud to announce that we are an Animal Wellness Ambassador.

If you enjoy Animal Wellness Magazine or their new e-digital, please click on

New England Pet Partners

Proceeds will be donated to NEPP.

Animal Wellness Mag (Ambassador) Whole-Dog-Journal Your Dog (Tufts) Chronicle (APDT)  Animal Acupressure (Tall Grass Pubs)