New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3

Enhancing Well-Being and Education with Pet Assisted Therapy

New England Pet Partners Inc. is a non-profit organization, 501c.3, #17597, bringing people and pets together to enhance education and well-being with pet assisted therapy. We train, evaluate and support Registered Pet Assisted Therapy and Read with Me Teams.  

NEPP is a Regional Community Pet Partner (#46489) of the Pet Partners® program (Bellevue, WA).

NEPP has a unique mentoring program, board of directors and members, to increase awareness on the benefits of pet assisted therapy teams and programs.  

Why Pet Partners   

The Pet Partner’s Program was established in the 1990’s as Delta Society. People and animals were prepared (training and evaluation) to participate in animal assisted activities an/or therapy. Pet Partners Therapy Program is a national registry that requires training and screening of teams. NEPP believes the Handler/Training, mentoring, and supportive resources that PP provides is imperative to providing safe, quality visits.

Pet Partners recognizes that there are a wide variety of animals that can bring joy to people. They register all breeds of dogs / handlers with appropriate skills and aptitudes, along with 8 other species (cats, birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, miniature pigs, llamas and alpacas.

Once a team is registered with Pet Partners, they are supported with:

New England Pet Partner’s Members / Teams

We are fortunate to have volunteers with a variety of professional and life experiences. Many are registered pet partner teams. Anyone who volunteers for NEPP is a member with benefits and no charge.

How to become a Pet Partner Team or Volunteer

  1. Complete the Pet Partner’s Online Team Handler’s Course
  2. Sign up for a team evaluation with New England Pet Partners
  3. Register with Pet Partners Headquarters


Facility / Visiting Team Requests

Our goal is to support well trained and compassionate therapy teams. We make every effort to assist in helping Facility and Teams Connect. We advise calling Pet Partners at 425-679-5500 and/or visit Pet Partners who have a complete database of Visiting Teams ands Facility Program Resources.

If you have a special request email You will be asked to fill out a

Facility/Team Connection Form, so we can better assist you in setting up your therapy program and/or finding teams.

We can post your request in a future NEPP Connects newsletter. You will need to sign up for NEPP Connects to post.

We invite to our Facebook Pages, New England Pet Partners and/or New England Pet Partners Team Forum - our group member page.  

We appreciate donations in any amount to supplement our efforts of offering

3 Licensed Team Evaluations each year, along with facility / team connection support  

Interested in sponsoring an event for NEPP, please visit our Sponsor Page

 email or call 603-635-3647 or 603-661-3647 (Maureen Ross, MA) .

We invite you to take a deep nose-to-navel breath - and journey through NEPP'S web site and visit us on Facebook.


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