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Sharing our pets to enhance well-being and education

We invite you to join NEPP CONNECTS for updates and events. NEPP Connects launches bi-monthly or when we need to post relevant changes and requests for teams and facilities.

Do you have a special moment to share?

We invite you to join New England Pet Partners Group Forum at Facebook. This is a closed group with (2) administrators to ensure content is focused on educational enrichment and team unity.

Facilities: This is a good place to post your special requests for “visiting teams”.

State your intention and leave an email for the team to contact you. If your facility does not have a therapy program in place contact Pet Partners Headquarters directly about setting up a Registered Pet Partner Visiting Program at your organization.    

Photo release forms with signatures are required for posting images. If you are a Registered Pet Partner be mindful of images being posted on NEPP’s Facebook Pages.  

You are required to contact the organization/individual teams directly.

This helps to safely match teams to facilities with specific goals, clients or groups.

Wishing you health, joy and happy visiting!

New England Pet Partners Group on Facebook

Connecting Teams, People and Pets