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Practicing Kindness Sharing our Pets

Rescue Dog 3-3-3 Guidelines with Flexibility

Animal Assisted Activities vs Therapy Pet Partners

Expectations Placed on Therapy Dogs during Volunteer Work, 2024

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Respect Me, Respect You, Respect US, Maureen Ross, MA 2017

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Intergenerational Activities, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2013  (Printed  - Latham Foundation)

Dog as Translator, Maureen Ross, MA, April 2012

Dogs Don’t Lie, they A.C.T., Maureen Ross, MA, January 2012

Relationship Performance Evaluations (RPE) for all Species, Maureen Ross, MA, November 2011

Canine Reaction to Change, Maureen Ross, MA, October 2011

Effective Communications, Liha-L-Ligo, Not a Hawaiian Cocktail, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2011

Don't Be Afraid, I'm Here:  How Dogs Help us Overcome Fear, Maureen Ross, MA, Nov 2010 - MORE MAG online

Puppy Pinches, Petting with a Purpose, Maureen Ross, MA, Aug 2010

Calm in Chaos, Maureen Ross, MA, July 2010 - Daily Doga

Dog as Interpreter (also titled Dog as Translator, Maureen Ross, MA, Published Latham, July, 2010

Summer Fun, Enjoy and Eat Well, Maureen Ross, MA June 2010

Coping with Grief - A Journey Through the Loss of a Pet through Death or Divorce, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2010

The Journey, by Crystal Kent

Alpha This, Alpha That, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2010 - Presented with Monique Charbonnier

Learning to be Alone, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2009

Mine, Yours, Ours, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2009

Effective Communications, Maureen Ross, MA, June 2009

Ready, Set, READ, Maureen Ross, MA, Sept. 2008

Volunteer Burn-Out / Bummed Out June 08 - Recognizing signs of stress and prevention, Maureen Ross, MA

Spatial Bubble, Maureen Ross, MA, All People and Dogs have one!  

Multiple Dogs, Finding a Place in the Pack, Maureen Ross, MA

Children and Dogs, Maureen Ross, MA

Just a Dog, Richard Biby, Contributed by Sally Morse

Peace in Every Step, Thich Nhat Hanh / Plumvillage

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