New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3 Community Pet Partner #46489

Sharing our pets to enhance well-being and education

New England Pet Partners is located in Pelham, NH. We are a Licensed Team Evaluation Facility and Community Pet Partner #46489. We have conducted 100’s of Team Evaluations through the years from the following states: MA, NH, ME, VT, RI, CT, NY, MD, FL and SC. We offer several team evaluations per year and occasional “renewal” days for experienced teams. See Events.  

Facilities Seeking Teams  

We encourage facilities to register with Pet Partner’s Corporate who have an extensive database of Registered Pet Partner Teams. Setting up a visiting program requires planning and supervision for safety and effectiveness.

Realistic Expectations

Teams get requests that vary: Visiting a home, regular gigs at facilities, universities, schools, libraries, events and offering therapeutic intervention.

The first step for a facility or anyone seeking teams is to clarify your goals / needs realizing that this is a process for the team and the those seeking visits. Therapy Programs need to be in place.  

Connecting with a Team

  1. Visit Pet Partners and search for Registered Pet Partner Teams in your area.

  1. Connect! If you know of a successful visiting program, email or give them a call.

  1. Sign up for NEPP Connects, our e-newsletter. NEPP Connects is published bi-monthly and for special events.

  1.  Join New England Pet Partners Teams Group Facebook page (private). Post your goals  and requests so Registered Pet Partner Teams can connect.   

  1. Once you hear from a registered team - set up an appoint for an interview. This creates a professional, positive connection that clarifies expectations, commitment, flexibility, distance and duration of visits.

Enjoy the Journey!

Happy visiting with pride and integrity!

Team Forrest! Thank You Tina Buckley - Maine!