New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3 Community Pet Partner #46489

Sharing our pets to enhance well-being and education

New England Pet Partners offers Licensed Team Evaluations to the following States. If a team is willing to travel to us, we are grateful to assist them in becoming Registered Pet Partners.

Massachusetts     New Hampshire     Maine     Vermont     Rhode Island     Connecticut

The best ways to connect with a facility are:

  1. Visit Pet Partners and search facilities who are seeking teams.

  1. Teams: if you have a facility, educational or health care organization in mind, call them and set up an interview. This creates a professional, positive connection that clarifies expectations, commitment, flexibility, distance and duration of visits.

  1. Connect with other teams on Social Media like NEPP Facebook! Most are happy to not only share their pets but their experience.   

Your local Community Pet Partners offer sage advise that may make the journey easier.

We invite you to:

  1. Email with your questions or goals.
  2. Sign up for NEPP Connects, our e-newsletter.
  3. Join and post your goals / requests at New England Pet Partners Group Page (Private)

Enjoy the Journey!

As you can see, team evaluations bring people and pets together!  

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