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Sharing our pets to enhance well-being and education

Training and Registration

Pet Assisted Therapy Foundational Training is integrated into private training and coaching at Dog Talk Training and Wellness. Visit or call 603-635-DOGS (3647).

We invite you to visit Pet Partners Corporate and New England Pet Partners, Inc.501c.3 to help understand the prerequisites for becoming a Registered Pet Partner Team.

We encourage you to choose trainers/coaches who are aware of the needs of becoming a successful pet therapy team. Basic socialization and manners and gradual desensitization to sights, sounds and smells helps to grow happy, healthy and confident dogs. The tools and skills you learn as a dog parent/partner can easily be integrated into daily living and learning with dogs.

Awareness Centered Training - ACT by Maureen Ross, MA.   

If you need additional mentoring to increase confidence or practice before a team evaluation, call o set up a coaching session. As a Licensed Team Evaluator, I do NOT evaluate teams I have coached. We have several qualified Licensed Evaluators (scribes) at TE events.

Professionally, our passion is sharing our pets to enhance well-being and education. We are keenly aware that people and pets need to be listened too, treated with kindness and feel confident when they visit. You are your animals best advocates - Pet Partners (YAYABAS). It is all about the relationship and awareness of what’s going on around us and our dogs.     

Pets considered for a therapy program must enjoy interactions with people and be safely manageable in stressful situations. Owners/handlers will be engaging with staff, patients, family members, parents, and oftentimes, disenchanted people who don’t get “why a pet is in the facility”. Learning to carefully defuse stressful situations is a skill that bodes well if you are interested in pet assisted therapy. Dogs rely on us to  guide them by calming the chaos, redirecting and managing interactions.  


Licensed Team Evaluators

Training and Registration

  1.  Complete the Pet Partner’s Handler’s  Course online or a workshop.
  2.  Book a Team Evaluation online at PP.
  3.  If you choose NEPP, you must fill out  our  Registration Form so we can  organize  the  event.
  4.  NEPP TE Registration Form is located  at   Events.   
  5.  Team Scores are posted by NEPP  Evaluators within a day of the TE.
  6.  After passing a Team Evaluation, you  have 90-days to get your Registration  Package to Pet Partner’s online.   


For prerequisites, training and practicums to become a Licensed Team Evaluator or Instructor please visit Pet Partners.  

Health Care Professionals visit:


New England Pet Partners

Community Pet Partners #46489

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How To Become a Registered Pet Partner Team